Studio Moments, 2020 - 2023

In creating her own glazes, Lisa Geue has full control over the ingredients, yet due to unpredictable chemical reactions, a lot of experimenting is required to achieve a certain result. Using minerals and found shells, she seeks reference to earthbound elements and the ocean. Slips, sand, wood ash, feldspars, carbonates and pigments create a unique aesthetic that can’t be reproduced one on one. By firing the pieces multiple times, she risks for the clay to be damaged. But by doing so and by putting layer on layer, a highly textured surface emerges. White Japanese Shino glazes, which crawl and bubble, are an integral part of her practice.

All shells were gifted to Lisa Geue as she does not collect shells from beaches. For her ash glazes she uses wood from disrooted or dead trees. She does not log trees. For her practice, Lisa Geue currently uses rainwater only.

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