Styled by Sonja Jonsson


Rituals, 2021

The vessel has become an archetypal symbol through the eras in human existence for craftsmanship and spiritual rituals. C.G. Jung defined the vessel as a symbol with an archetypal status because of its continual resurgence on the walls of ancient cave dwellings, in sacred images like the mandala, as offerings to the other side in tombs and its arising in our dreams. The ritual is a key component of the early cult practices that underlie the religious and spiritual systems of societies in all parts of the world and can be found all around the globe in every era, tribe and even common habits, which, at first, appear to have no deeper spiritual meaning. Biological developments like birth, social transformations like initiations, religious transformations, purification practices and death are the most common changes that are celebrated in ritual practices. By researching ancient and indigenous rites, practices and rituals like these, Geue observes the meaning of the vessel and reinterprets resurfacing shapes and forms. As in all of her works, Geue creates her own glazes using minerals, shells, soda and Shino glazes. The selected collection of works seeks to honor the status of the vessel, its artisanal tradition, cultural use, symbolic value and outlasting relevance as utilitarian objects. Sizes are true to scale, yet the vessels do not claim to be replicas of the researched objects. 

Terracotta, Shino glazes, Wood Ash.

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