Lisa Geue works primarily in ceramic, creating ancient shape inspired vessels and organic looking sculptures with a focus on form and experimental glazing. With a background in photography and film, composition plays a role in both, the visual language and the photographic archive-like work. In 2018 she traveled to Australia and lived in Naarm/Melbourne and later in Wadawarrung Country at the ocean. Deepening her connection with nature, natural processes like mineralization, decomposition of coastal rocks through saltwater or cycles like high and low tide, have become inspiration for her practice. As a natural product, clay is inherently organic in its appearance and visceral in its molding. Drawn to its texture and plasticity, clay has become Geue’s medium of choice. By using minerals, oxides, shells, carbides and wood ash, Geue creates unusual textures of glazes in multiple firings, which result in a unique surface. Her work can be found somewhere between traditional craft and contemporary art with a substantial appreciation for indigenous and ancient crafts.
The Vessel has become an archetypal symbol through the eras in human existence, for their craftsmanship and spiritual rituals. With becoming a main focus in Lisa Geue’s work, the vessel and its archetypal status receive a primary role.

Currently living in the countryside of Germany. 


Get in touch via mail:  hello [at] lisageue [dot] com




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