Lisa Geue currently works with clay, creating ancient shape inspired vessels and organic looking sculptures with a focus on form and experimental glazing. In 2018 she traveled to Australia and lived in Naarm/Melbourne and later in Wadawarrung Country at the ocean. Deepening her connection with nature, natural processes like mineralization, decomposition of coastal rocks through saltwater have become inspiration for her practice. Lisa Geue is not a potter, nor does she consider herself a ceramicist.

She is also the founder of STUDIO SUNSWIRL, a studio working with botanicals from her own organic cultivation to create senses which capture the essence of nature. STUDIO SUNSWIRL also creates ceramic objects focusing on the colors of soil and hand-dipped candles made of unprocessed, raw beeswax from her own, happy beehives.

For her practices she uses rainwater only.


Currently living in the countryside of Germany.

E-MAIL: hello [at] lisageue [dot] com



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